Citizen of the Year

Voting takes place at:

-Farmers Bank
-Saint Cloud
-All Stars
-Plaza Pantry
-Old Bank Deli
Mail in your vote to:
East Brady Area Riverfest
PO Box 201
East Brady, PA 16028


-Name of the nominee must be included on the ballot form.
-Ballots must include a reason for the nomination.
-All ballots need the voter's signature.
-One vote per person.
-Nominee must be a resident of the East Brady area.
-Ballot boxes will be picked up on June 30.

Previous Winners

Kim Simpson
Chris Stimac
Cricket Slater
Denny King
Jack Colligan
Sally Snow
Mike & Laura Hall
Steve Heginbotham
Jim & Sally Corbett
Billy Verner
Keith Wright
Barb Mortimer
Toots Miller
Bob Reichert
Dawn Weibel
Blanche Wiles
Louise Anderson
Arnold Beabout
Bake & Jane Wagner
Joe McClaine
George Pawkovich
Jim Kelly

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